Word of Life Churches


Pastors Troy & Kim Batton
Temecula Valley, CA

Pastors Troy & Kim Baton were launched from our church in 2005.  They were sent into Temecula Valley area which is just North of San Diego.  They are gradually increasing in size, and are pioneering a powerful work of God in Temecula. For more information on Pastors Troy & Kim Batton please visit their website below.

Church Website:


Pastors Liuaki & Sala Nacagilevu
Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands

Pastors Liuaki & Sala were sent out from our church into the Islands of Fiji in 2005.  Since then, they have established a great work of God in the Islands of Fiji.  We believe that missionary work in the Islands of Fiji will be a spring board to all the Islands of the Pacific.


Pastor Mark & Rozel Madore
Escondido, CA

 Pastor Mark & Rozel Madore are in the city of Escondido, CA

1711 East Valley Parkway
Escondio, CA

760-270-6150 Office

 Church Website: www.wolwcescondido.com


Pastor Chris & Erica Bernal
Oceanside, CA


5057 Waterview Way Unit 207
Oceanside, CA 


760-678-8869 Mobile